Artist Studios at MAD

The Artist Studios program hosts artists and designers daily in open studios. Artists-in-residence receive space and support to develop new work and expand their practice, while welcoming dialogue with the public about their processes, materials, and concepts.

Founded in 2008, the program has provided studio space and financial support to over 170 artists-in-residence working in a range of interdisciplinary media.

Program Structure

The Artist Studios program offers one full-time MAD Artist Fellowship and six daily residencies per six-month session (February—July, August—January).

The full-time MAD Artist Fellow receive a $15,000 stipend and dedicated studio space, in which they work forty hours each week (formatted as fifteen “open studio” hours and twenty-five “closed studio” hours). Fellows are provided with additional professional development opportunities and meet regularly with a mentor in their creative field. The MAD Artist Fellow also benefits from a culminating Fellow Focus exhibition in the 6th Floor Project Space.

The six daily residents are assigned one day to work each week (Tuesday—Sunday) throughout the duration of the six-month cycle, for which they receive access to shared studio space and a stipend of $125 per studio shift. Daily residents also have the option of working a selection of Thursday evenings.

Program Benefits

Artist Studios residents benefit from studio space and a stipend, as well as:

  • Professional development and studio visits with museum staff
  • Public programming opportunities
  • Interaction with Museum visitors, generating exposure and reaching new audiences
  • Continued engagement through the community of Artist Studios alumni
  • Access to the Museum galleries, public programs, and exhibition openings

Daily Residency Eligibility

All artists are encouraged to apply. There are no eligibility requirements for the six Daily Resident openings.

Fellowship Eligibility

The MAD Artist Fellowship is designed to promote emerging artists from historically underrepresented communities. Candidates for the MAD Artist Fellowship must:

  • Be residents of New York City
  • Be thirty years old, or younger, at the start of their fellowship
  • Identify racially and/or culturally with a historically underrepresented community
  • Demonstrate the need for financial assistance to advance their artistic careers

For all applicants

Successful candidates possess a mature body of work that reveals a mastery of techniques and processes within a developed conceptual framework.

Successful applicants will also display readiness to engage with the public and benefit from the “open studios” format unique to the Museum of Arts and Design.


Can I apply to both the residency and fellowship program?

Yes, but you will only be selected for one program. We interview first for the fellowship, then the residency. You will be considered in that order. Please note, if you are accepted into one program, you will not be eligible for the other.

Can alumni of the residency apply for the fellowship?

No. Alumni are not eligible for either program at this time.

Is there an application fee?


What is the studio space like? How much space does each artist have?

The studios are located on the 6th floor. They are roughly 150 – 200 square feet. Each studio has a large work table, a sink, and storage. Daily residents share one studio; Fellows have a dedicated studio. Residents and fellows share equipment and often need to enter each other’s space to burrow supply, access the kiln, etc. Storage is limited for large work, so work that can be done in sections is preferred. Storage shelves are roughly 3 x 4 feet.

What tools and equipment will I have access to in the studio? Can I bring my own tools and equipment?

Each studio has a large work table, sink, and storage. Residents and fellows share a kiln, an enamel kiln, a flex shaft dremel, a drill press, a band saw, and a variety of smaller tools. We highly encourage artists to bring their own specialized tools.

Do you have an Internet connection?


Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to apply?

Artists must be citizens or legal residents of the U.S. with a valid SSN or EIN. The museum does not provide visas. Applicants must have their legal paperwork in order by the time they are interviewed, no exceptions.

If I am part of a duo or collaborative group, can we apply?

Yes, but collaboratives receive the same daily stipend of $125 (individuals are not paid separately). All members of the collaborative must be present for an interview.

How will my artwork be presented?

Residents and fellows have one to three examples of their work displayed on the 6th floor at all times. This work is locked behind glass in a vitrine. Artists are allowed to change out the work, but work must always be on display. To accompany work, a small label will identify the artists and information about their project at MAD (outlined in each applicant’s proposal).

We also have a dedicated webpage for our Artist Studios Program. Residents provide a head shot and up to six images of their work along with having a short bio and description of their work. Residents are featured in museum e-blasts and on social media regularly.

Does the museum pay for travel costs or provide housing stipends?


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